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The Domino Unfallen: The Vietnam War and the Crisis of American Belief

Veer S., Ruhan S., and Arushi S.

Our documentary, "The Domino Unfallen: The Vietnam War and the Crisis of American Belief," offers an immersive journey into one of the most tumultuous periods in American history. Through the lens of firsthand accounts, we delve into the experiences of U.S. veterans who served in Vietnam, exploring the complex narrative of the conflict, its profound impact on the soldiers, and the lasting effects on American society and its trust in institutions.

Silhouette of Soldiers

Our Story

We started interviewing Veterans two years ago - inspired by family members who served - and hoping to gather and preserve primary data from long-form first hand interviews with this precious and dwindling cohort of ordinary American Heroes, We have been inspired by their stories of courage, struggle, disillusionment, and perseverance. And we see a direct connection between their experiences, and the world we live in today. Many of the fractures and divisions in our modern society found first flower in the distant fields and jungles of Vietnam, and we feel there are many lessons to be learned from this line of questioning.

Meet The Team

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