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Volunteer with Veterans History Studio

Veterans History Studio provides a unique opportunity for any high school student who looking for a rewarding experience and who is motivated to make a meaningful impact in their community and nationally. By participating you will:

  • Get access to veterans and hear about their unique lived experiences

  • Understand key challenges during and after service

  • Contribute to ongoing research

  • Help inform policy 

What skills can I build?

  • Communication with a diverse audience

  • Leadership

  • Critical Analysis

  • Outreach and Organizational Skills

  • Digital Media and Technology Skills

  • Marketing

  • Research

  • Interviewing

Do I get volunteering hours?

Yes, volunteer hours will be granted. The following is a guideline for getting the Presidential Service Award:

  • Teens (11-15): Bronze (50-74 hrs), Silver (75-99 hrs), Gold (100+ hrs)

  • Young Adults (16-25): Bronze (100-174 hrs), Silver (175-249 hrs), Gold (250+ hrs)

  • Adults (26+): Bronze (100-249 hrs), Silver (250-499 hrs), Gold (500+ hrs)

Available Volunteering Positions

Open Positions

Sr. Outreach Officer

Reach out to veterans, share the vision, and schedule the interviews

Sr. Technology Officer

Lead video processing with AI-based tools

VP Media & Communications

Lead and execute the social media strategy 

Sr. Marketing Officer

Build awareness about the Veterans History Studio Program 

Interview Lead

Coordinate and build interview script and collaborate with the interview team to conduct the online interviews.

VP Events

Build the strategy and execute events to engage with the veterans and student community.

Click on one of the links above to learn more and apply for these volunteer positions.

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